Synergy Airflow, Inc. helps homeowners make their home more energy efficient with better indoor air quality, even temperatures and lower humidity levels. Our services help reduce ongoing energy costs while making homes healthier and more comfortable. We provide low cost in-depth assessments that look at every aspect of your home followed by a comprehensive plan and recommendations matched to your home’s needs. In addition to expert home assessments, our services include spray foam insulation, HVAC design services, and closed crawlspace construction and remediation services.

Call Synergy Airflow, the trusted experts and pioneers for home energy efficiency across Alabama and the Southeast.

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Judy Street Testimonial

We expect to save an average of $2,000 per year on our utilities. We are very thankful to Synergy for the help they provided our family, our home and its value. – Kevin and Judy Street


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2014-03-16 11_59_51-Alabama Home Builders Licensure Board

2014-03-16 12_01_55-Alabama Heating, Air Conditoning and Refrigeration Contractors

HVAC License #10069